Office Party


On The Table

House made and Niagara charcuterie with Artisan Cheese

Local Preserves, candied/ Smoked/ toasted Nuts, Cam’s Pickles and olive oil crostini

Goumi’s Niagara Sushi Rolls

Kale and Frisee Salad with Blue Cheese Croutons

Lemon Mustard Viniagrette

Grilled garlic Flat Breads with hummus

Passed Around Canapés

Avocado Fries with Cilantro Aioli

Soy and Ginger Burger 

-with Pickled cucumber and onion relish Mirin Glaze-

Quinoa “Bombs” 

-with Sriracha Aioli Pipettes-

Devils on Horseback

-Goat Cheese Stuffed Majoule Dates with Smoked Almonds wrapped in Bacon-


Lemon Meringue Tarts

Chocolate Pecan Torte

Apple Crisp

Assorted Squares

Company Retreat


10:30 am Morning Break


Yogurt and Niagara fruit parfaits

Home made protein bars

12 noon Lunch

 Roasted Squash Soups with Maple Crème Fraiche

Arugula, dried Grapes, goats brie and Apple Pizza

Vegetable Spring Rolls with Soy and Ginger sauce

Mason Jar Shrimp Cocktails with Pickled Cucumbers and Whiskey Cocktail sauce

Roasted beet and goats cheese tarts

Pork belly Panini Taco

Grilled vegetable tarts with Feta and Basil

French toast Cupcakes

2:30 Coffee Break

Artisanal Canadian Cheese Board, Country Pates and Chicken liver mousse with Crostini, Preserves and Candied Pecans ( left separate)


CHarity Event




Pulled Pork, Spiced Braised Beef and Grilled Lime and Chili with Pico De Gallo, Refried White Beans, Pickled Jalapenos, Pink Onions, Tostadas, Corn Chips, Guacamole and Lemon Sour Cream


Hand Rolled California Rolls, Pickled Plum and diacon Maki

Pork Gyoza with Mirin Glaze or Chili Soya Glaze


Mama’s Tomato Soup with 7 yr old Cheddar and Caramelized onion Grilled Cheese

Passed Canapés

Quinoa “Bombs” with Sriracha Aioli Pipettes

Tuna Poke with Green Chili and Honey Chutney on Rice Puffs

Big Mac Sliders

Mushroom and Fig Tart Tatin with Whiskey Caramel

Devils on Horseback
Goat Cheese Stuffed Majoule Dates with Smoked Almonds wrapped in Bacon

Open House


Cold Table Display

Artisanal Ploughman

-Local cheeses, Prosciutto, Pickled eggs, preserves, breads and olives,
Mustards, and toasted and candied nuts-

Nachos in a bag station

-Brown bagged tortilla chips with a Variety of salsa and nacho toppings-

Make a Salad Take a Salad

-Asian Noodle Salad
Garnishes to make your own signature salad-

Passed around Tables

Chili Tuna Poke on Rice

-Rice paper crisp, Pickled onion, Jalapeno and Avocado-

Scallop Soup

-Seared Sea Scallop in thyme corn Broth with Smoked Bacon-

Teriyaki Gyoza

-Japanese Pork Dumplings-

Red wine Poached Apple Grilled Cheese

-Thundering oak Gouda and Garlic Walnuts-

Beef Cheek Sliders

-Grilled Red onion and Red Pepper Relish with Blue Elizabeth and malt Vinegar mayo-

 Yellow Dessert Table

 Yellow Door Short Bread Cookies

Lemon Meringue Tarts

Mango Cheese Cakes

Chocolate Banana Cake Pops

Grand Marnier Profiteroles

Yellow Chocolate Straws

Lemon Curd Mason Jars